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This site,, is very much business. It delves into some serious work, showing you how to make an MS Access database save you time and effort.

Enough hard work. Let's take some time off and have some fun.

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My first fun thing to do is a crossword puzzle with some Access items in it. If you are a crossword pro, you'll probably solve this in 30 seconds. For the rest of us, take 10 minutes and have some fun. I used a commercial crossword creator for this one.

My second fun thing to do is a word search puzzle with lots of Access items in it. And the left over letters have an important message as well. I used an MS Access database to create the word search puzzle. (read how here)

p.s. The downloadable files are in Adobe PDF format.

click here for Crossword # 1.

click here for Word Search # 1.



Don't peek!!! Here are the answers. They are both in "jpg" format, so on a Windows machine you can right click on the links and download the files. Then either print, or use a program that lets you zoom in on the jpg so you can read the answers.

answer to Crossword # 1.

answer to Word Search # 1.

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