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IF Statements In A Query

Question: In a query with 2 columns based on 2 fields in a table, how can I create a 3rd column that lists the minimum of the other 2 columns? Answer: Here is a simple list of sample data for this query. Field1 Field2 Smallest ———————————- 5 7 5 9 3 3 8 7 7
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Cascading Queries in a Single Query

As promised, here is the query within a query solution that simplifies the last article’s idea. We saw in my last post how a question like “Who was the first person to borrow a book?” could be solved by having a query use the results from another query. That required 2 actual queries saved separately.
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Query On Query

Some of my Access Database using readers may not know that a query can use another query for its source. Many of us get into the mindset that a query only reads from a table. So, if I create a new query and choose Design View, the next screen that pops up is called the
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Introduction to Queries

In MS Access, what is a query? This series of articles on MS Access Queries will start off from raw basics. Most of my regulars will already know this material, and so please allow for the fact that this is meant for “newbies” to some degree. I promise to get into more challenging topics as
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