My First Video Tutorial

Posted by manxman on April 8, 2007

I have FINALLY put together my first video tutorial. No, you won’t have to look at my mug. It is a simple screen capture of about 1 minute showing how I pre-configure my MS Access 2000 databases with DAO turned on. You can see it by going to the DAO Page.

For many months I have been wanting to start a series of video tutorials to match my webpages. Now that I have finally done one, this sub-project will pick up speed.

If you have any topics you think will benefit from a video portion, fill in a comment.

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One thought on “My First Video Tutorial

  1. Dear Sir

    Yes Indeed it was good illustration made in Just one Minute. Since I am beginner it has been immense help to me.


    Ravi V Mhaiskar

    [thank you for the comment Ravi. I hope to make many more. Richard]

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