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I sent out a new article today. First one in months. I have the same 24 hours as everyone else, but …

No, I am not going to take the easy way out with an excuse.

Anyhow. Received 2 comments. One via the website and one via email. I appreciate both comments, even though they both were against me (at least a little!). The website comment was in regards to this posting about php and mysql. If you visit the posting you can read the comment.

My response? What can I say? I let my subscribers down. (more…)

Relational Database Design Guidelines

While designing a relational database, it is a good idea to distribute the information in multiple tables. It is not advisable to store all the information in a single table, although it is easier to design. When your database grows in size, the efficiency decreases accordingly.

To read the rest of this article, Relational Database Design Guidelines – an introduction.

Database Corruption

Have you ever had an Access database crash, and then not open again?

A database is said to be “corrupted” when a part of its data or functionality is lost. When an ACCESS database is corrupted, you may get several error messages while doing the common operations in ACCESS. For example, while opening and closing the database, while running forms or queries, while updating and saving records, or while scrolling through records. This is the indication that a part of your database is corrupted.

There are many reasons why this data or functionality corruption may occur.

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A Reader Causes me to Drop Everything

A reader wrote to ask me the following.

Thank you very much for your sample databases. I did software for my hotel reservations and now I want to make SW for cash desk in my restaurant. Problem is that I do not know how to make matrix of buttons. Each buttom must have another name and another function. Names I have in my store software as PLU. For example I want to sell coffee then my staff will select category drinks and my SW will prepare matrix of buttons. There will be ice coffee, coffee, etc. How to do it. I have approximately 200 items in assorted categories.

I found this question quite interesting and it grabbed my curiosity. I actually dropped what I was doing to experiment. To see my full answer, check out Buttons: Now you see them, Now you don’t.

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