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Links to some of my favourite sites. Most of these will open a separate browser window, making it easier to return to this page.

MS Access Related Links

Testimonials about the Access Database Tips Site - what some of our visitors have to say about our site.

Dev Ashish's Site - a great site with some overlap with my site, but Dev answers some more advanced questions.

Access Database Repair - Access Fix software that is used to help with either Access database repair or Access file recovery.

GI Business Data Solutions - Access Database Developer - Professional Access database developers since 1996. Need a reliable, affordable Data Management System tailored to your specific business needs. Free quotes - Free business database downloads.

21st Century Technologies, Inc. in Denver, Colorado, provides custom software development, web design, database programming and design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and ECommerce consulting services.

Garry Robinson's Site - another great site. Garry has written a great book about Access security, published in the fall of 2003. See this page for my book suggestions.

Microsoft's Support Page - what more need I say?

Google Groups - the place where I go when I need answers!!!

Table Design Information - I have some introductory articles about table design, however, if you need to understand this concept better, I recommend that you visit Alf's site. He understands normalization, primary keys, foreign keys, and ER modelling, and explains those important concepts in much more detail than I do (or can!).

Experts Exchange - this site has thousands of answers to Access questions.

SQL Excel - Freeware Excel Add-in for retrieving ODBC data - Freeware Excel Add-In - Simplify data retrieval from SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, DB2, Firebird and any other ODBC compliant database.

Other Links of Interest

Beginners Backpacking - if you are a beginning backpacker, visit this site for information and ideas - understand nutrition so that you can keep yourself healthier. Info on carbohydrates, proteins, fats, diets, weight loss solutions, and much more. - if you suffer from ACNE you may find some assistance in this site's articles on the causes and treatments for this very common skin condition. - news, articles, and more, from the world of digital photography, including news about the new Rebel XT from Canon.

Grandpa Richard's Kids - We have started a new site, entitled "Children - our most precious resource", it features observations and lessons learned by our very own "Grandpa Richard".

Are you a sports car enthusiast, or do you dream of owning a sports car? Visit our Sports Car Page.

Struggling with bad breath? Check out this page about Halitosis.

My Favourite Videos - want to see which YouTube videos I enjoy the most?

Weird News - If you had a good laugh at my favourite YouTube videos, you'll love this one

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