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List Box based on another List Box

I notice this question in the newsgroups regularly.

"I have 2 list boxes.  I want the value I choose in the first one to control the data shown in the second one.  How?"
(p.s. the answer applies to combo boxes as well)

To try it out, I created a MainItems table and a SubItems table. There is a one-to-many relationship between the MainID field in the MainItems table and the MainID field in the SubItems table. The following shows both the structure and some sample data.

- MainID  (primary key)
- MainName

- SubID  (primary key)
- MainID
- SubName

tblMainItems (data)
1,  colours
2,  shapes
3.  animals
tblSubItems (data)
1,  1,  red
2,  1,  green
3,  1,  blue
4,  2,  circle
5,  2,  square
6,  2,  triangle
7,  3,  lion
8,  3,  tiger
9,  3,  elephant

Next is the form.

I created a simple unbound form named frmMyTestForm, and used the list box wizard to put 2 list boxes on the form. The first list box was based on the MainItems table and the second list box was based on the SubItems table. I named the listboxes lstMain and lstSub. (note that I did not put the MainID field into lstSub)

Here are the properties of the list boxes.

Name lstMain
Row Source

SELECT DISTINCTROW [tblMainItems].[MainID], [tblMainItems].[MainName] FROM [tblMainItems];

Column Count 2
Column Widths 0";1"
Bound Column 1
Name lstSub
Row Source

SELECT DISTINCTROW [tblSubItems].[SubID], [tblSubItems].[SubName] FROM [tblSubItems];

Column Count 2
Column Widths 0";1"
Bound Column 1

Both of these list boxes now work, however, they are not working together. The plan is to choose an item from lstMain and have lstSub show only items that match the choice made in lstMain.

There are two steps remaining.

(1)  Modify the SQL in lstSub to select only those sub items that have a MainID the same as the one chosen in lstMain. We do that this way. Change the Row Source to this:

SELECT DISTINCTROW [tblSubItems].[SubID], [tblSubItems].[SubName] FROM [tblSubItems]  WHERE (((tblSubItems.MainID) = [forms]![frmMyTestForm]![lstMain]));

(2)  To make sure that lstSub notices every time we change lstMain, add the following VBA code to a procedure created in the After_Update event of lstMain.



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NOTE: All the VBA code segments on the Database Lessons site assume that you have DAO references active. If you are not sure what this means, and you are using Microsoft Access 2000 or higher, click here.

Happy Coding

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