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Having trouble solving an MS Access problem or challenge? See our MS Access Help article to get ideas on where to find the help you need.

By far the most important article in this section is the Security Primer for MS Access. If need to have a database with usernames and passwords, read this FIRST.

Want to have some fun with Access? Here are some fun filled articles.

Copying a File - Article about using Access to copy the back end data mdb for archival purposes.

Access Security Primer - Using Shortcuts to Link to MDW Files

Working with other Developers is an article about sticking to a common style and adhering to standards. A must read!!!

Remember INI Files?

Using Groups in Access Security

Text Files - Part 1 If we are exchanging data with other people or organizations, that data is often in text file format. How can we easily import or export this data? Part 1 is about basic importing

Text Files - Part 2 about basic exporting

Text Files - Part 3 about the Import/Export Specification facility

Database Corruption Ever had trouble with database corruption in MS Access? If not, you will! This introductory article will alert you to some common problems.

Access, FTP, PHP, MySQL - Part 1 A simple homegrown system that passes data from an Access database to an internet MySQL database, using FTP and a PHP program.

Access, FTP, PHP, MySQL - Part 2 A look at the websites that are created by the techniques we will be discussing.

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