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Besides this awesome website (!!) how can you get help with your MS Access problems and challenges?

The best starting place is the Help system built into Access. If it was installed properly, it has hundreds of examples showing actually VBA code.

Then there is the Microsoft Support site. I use this one when I think I have run into an official bug.

Finally (and saving the BEST for the last), before you rush off and send me a question via the "Contact Info" page, you need to consider newsgroups. Microsoft has over a dozen newsgroups set up for MS Access users and programmers. If you have a newsgroup reader, look for newsgroups with names that start with "microsoft.public.access".

Another source of newsgroups, and the best to get at historical postings, the Google web site has an awesome search engine, just for newsgroups. Go to and click on the "Groups" tab. Or, use this shortcut to the MS Access Newsgroup archives.

The Google archives are awesome and have helped me solve my own Microsoft Access Help problems in excess of 50 times.

AND, don't forget my very own Links page. Click on the button in the menu at the left of your screen. One of those sites may have the answer you seek.

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