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Why Not Macros

Macros are not as powerful or as easy to debug as VBA, thus i do NOT recommend their use.

  • Once you are familiar with VBA, you can use your VBA knowledge in other applications, as well as in Access. Have you ever recorded a macro in Microsoft® Excel? What happens? Excel creates some VBA code for you. VBA is even used in some non-Microsoft® programs.
  • There is no facility in Macros for error-trapping. If an error occurs, your program just stops. With VBA, you can perform error-trapping and handle the errors so that your Access application stops gracefully.
  • When I write VBA code, I take full advantage of the automatic features in the VBA editor. Things like Auto Syntax Check, Auto List, and Debugging tools.

Those are just some of the good reasons to abandon macros in favour of VBA code.

Please refer to the Modules section of the Access Database Tips site to learn more about writing VBA code.

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